Happy Freebie Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! Freebie Friday that is! As you know, I recently launched my very first collection of actions for Photoshop. I loved every last minute of creating these actions that are sure to take your photos to new levels of awesomeness. As a little way to celebrate my beloved Brilliance Collection I am giving away a FREE SAMPLE of one of my favorite actions from this set. By just pushing PLAY on this action, 7 enhancements will be added to your image in an instant, including a subtle skin softening brush. Here is an image I edited with todays freebie. 

Edited with the Poppy foundation action 

Edited with the Poppy foundation action 

I only used the Poppy foundation action to edit the image above. That's it! I would normally add a few others (just for fun) but I wanted to show you how much you can do with just ONE of the actions from this set. 

To achieve this look, I lowered the opacity on the Shadow Pop layer and duplicated the Warm Pop to boost the warmth a touch more. I also smoothed his skin, just a bit, using the Soften Skin Brush. 

It took me all of 3 minutes to edit this photo from start to finish using just one quick action. 

If you are spending too much time in post, wishing you could get the edits give the Brilliance Collection a try. You won't be disappointed. 

Download this free sample today and watch the video tutorial on my Actions page to get a taste of what this action set can do for your images. 

Happy Editing!